Wisdom and Superstition by Maribel Anchordoqui

Don’t laugh too much or something sad will happen.

If you see a bean on the floor, pick it up or you’ll be sterile.

When pulling weeds, always talk kindly to the poison oak and let them know you will remove them so that other plants can grow. Guarantee you will never get poison oak.

When given white flowers, especially white roses, if they wilt the next day, the giver has bad energy.

If your right ear is red, someone is talking great things about you. If your left ear is red, they are talking bad things about you.

Don’t walk barefoot on the floor or you’ll get a sore throat and get a cold.

Don’t sleep with your hair wet, you’ll get sick.

If you do get sick, rub Vaporub on your chest, on your neck, around your nose, and on the bottom of your feet.

Do not plan anything for the first or second weekend of June, that’s fishing season.

Or September and October, that’s hunting season.

My mom said never to wear striped shirts. I’ll look wider.

Don’t work on Sundays. That includes no laundry, no house work and yard work.

Saturdays were made for cleaning the house and mowing the lawn. Turn on the radio and roll up your sleeves.

If you don’t go to sleep the Cucuy is going to get you.

When sweeping the floor be careful not to sweep people’s feet, or you’ll marry a widow.

If you drop a knife on the floor pointing to the door, you’ll receive company.

If you drop a spoon, you’ll receive a letter in the mail.

If you drop a fork, you’ll hear news from the family.

Every time you pass a Catholic church, do the sign of the cross

When the full moon appears, you’ll go into labor if you’re expecting a child.

If you see deer on the street, it’s going to rain in the next couple of days.

If you want a snail to come out of it’s shell, sing to it.