What’s Growing Inside You by Victoria Worch

Have you noticed yet?
This time at home.
Have you noticed your life changing?
Have you felt what’s growing inside you?
It’s been two months now.
Have you seen yourself adapt?

When my twins came into my life, I went from seeing many college students and co-workers a day. To being home, alone with babies. My husband would leave at 8am, come back at 8pm. Only people I would see would be a neighbor, the mailman. Similar to today.

When I look back at that time, and I think of this time right now, I’m starting to see similarities of how much I grew. That being at home, with myself. How that period at home gave me time to really think about what I wanted to do with my life. How I wanted to be around my children. My friends. My family.

I started to feel something growing inside of me.
I started to look around me and imagine.
I started to feel this calm.
This excitement.
This, what I have always wanted to try.
This, no fear.

Then I grew.
I grew this confidence.
This appreciation.

I’m starting to feel that again.
I’m starting to feel this connection to myself that slowing down gives.

What is growing inside of you?
What is changing?
What is something you’ve always wanted to try?
What is the best part of yourself you want to show?