What If…? by Katrina Ecke

What if…? 

What if things had played out differently?

What if they didn’t end as badly as they did. 

Would I still be talking to you every day like I used to? Or would it have been something else to drown us in the deep end? 

What if one of our relationships had lasted a few more weeks, Not ended at the same time. 

Would we have ever seen each other that way? 

Would we have ever crossed that line? 

What if I had taken the time,

To really sit back and think things through. 

I wonder, would I have ever made it past 

The platonic “I Love You’s” 

What if we had listened to our friends and family?

When everyone said it wouldn’t work out. 

Looking back on it, that should have opened our eyes, Maybe given us a little bit more doubt. 

To be honest I could stand here all day 

And ask myself “What if’s” until I turn blue. 

But, if I’m really being honest, 

There isn’t much point to it, 

Because I don’t miss you as much as I used to