Valencia by Stephanie Huang


Every week is a chance for new stories. 

Fresh stories that have an opportunity to be told. 

Each week we take walks down Valencia street to catch up, 

Even though we live very different lives, 

We still take the chance to catch up with each other.


We’ve been friends since elementary school, 

Separated at middle school, 

But reunited in high school. 

College separated us again, but we both made the efforts to stay in each other’s lives.


Valencia street is filled with different walks of people and businesses,

As we walk down the colorful, energy-filled environment, 

It is filled with uncontrollable laughter, 

Filled with comfortable silence, 

And surprises.


Our stories can be personal to general, 

It can be sad, funny, or random, 

Really any of those.

You always listen with attentive care,

And I do the same.


We reciprocate ideas, 


Our true thoughts, 

To help one another out.


Valencia has become a happy place,

It is associated with excitement,


To see you another week, 

To hear new life updates, 

New stories.