The Piano Player by Mary Morrison

The second-hand piano, pressed back against the wall The How-To book fell open—beginner Christmas Songs Picked out melodies, I did. Even sang along. But quietly,

so quietly, just like the way I am. More and more the playing and the singing in me just flooded out

Should I not have artist inclinations to play and sing, thus know the joys of life? Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle all the way

LOUSY! SO LOUSY! My neighbor screamed and screamed

Perhaps I could not play that well, but… Too Bad for Her! And that lousy hangover she surely had!

Good Church music would be the thing! I knew just the song. Had to learn to play some chords But bang it out I did, with all the strength I had

Hitting every sharp and flat And did I sing along? As loud as I knew how! HAL-LAY-LU-YAH! HAL-LAY-LU-YAH! Hal-lay-lu-yah!

My two, big white Persian cats sat with me

side by side –my faithful buddies thru it all Though Harry made a face that said it grated on his ears. But George, that fluffy, long haired beauty, so well behaved just sat and listened, his chubby face turned up,

his yellow eyes so wide in wonder Hark, Three Herald Angles Sing

One day that George jumped on the keys

walked down the black and whites When one key sounded, he looked up and quietly mewed. Quietly, so quietly

just like the way I did Down the keys he walked again and played and quietly mewed. Every chance he got, he walked and played and quietly mewed.

Joy to me… and then the World

What darkness can their be, what despair? When kittens try to play and sing

their hopes and dreams for those of us who hear

Rejoice, Rejoice!

In loving memory of George