The Cure for Shame and Emptiness by Abby Laporte

The Becoming of oneself, not another

Springboard to fantastic, bubble joy rhythms

Dive inside, drive the scenic awakening

Heal for health, heal for kindness

real wealth is buried beneath the cynic

take a breath every morning to remember your aims

take a nap on occasion, to forget your unique pains

become your best hope, don’t let self-love run away

You are a human, and that always wins the game

become a butterfly, and shower under the clouds

let your hair become rope, swing from willow boughs

pour forth the bounty of your soul, I know it exists

don’t hoard the truth anymore, life cannot be missed.

You are here like a shaman, sacerdote imagination

you are present like an omen, love is your only weapon

become the burgeoning realism of all races mixing

become a supporter of the pride of the marginalized

find your pain again and understand it better

let god take your hand in this unpredictable weather

don’t fade into daffodils, keep leaning into the daisies

your potential for trust is positively amazing

become an agent of love, it is here you are needed…

the broken ones don’t dance, the independent dance alone

spotlight circumnavigation builds humility, you are home

relinquish the boredom of control, your nexus of energy glows

recharge your visions, and wake up grown

Don’t forget to remember your dreamweaver beginnings

we were specks in the eye of the cosmos

so create a new kinship of being friends with ourselves

rekindle the fire of this-time-around

we don’t have many more chances

become the person who broadens the road

give yourself bright vigor of past error, but don’t falter

You are here. Delete, subvert, and renew. This is Earth, and you owe a debt.