Streetlight by Rick Ramirez

     Running. I’m running through the dark. Continuously running down the trail and past every path. Everytime I pass one, the streetlight next to it blinks away. I ignore them, and keep running. Because the dark- the cold, damp and foggy shroud, chases me. I try to ignore it even though it’s gaining on me. Then, I see it. A single streetlight, waiting at the end of the trail. I move faster, take more steps, lift my feet up higher- anything to get away from the darkness. Until it catches me, engulfs my feet, and pulls. I fall and land hard on the ground. The darkness begins to envelope me as I desperately try to catch my breath. I take one last look at the streetlight, and see it flicker for a few seconds— then beam. It begins to glow, brighter and brighter, until the shroud recoils back. I pick myself up and look ahead, and reach out with my hand, as I am embraced by the warm, cleansing and blinding light.

     Catching. I’m catching my breath. Continuously trying to catch my breath. I feel my forehead, and wipe the beads of sweat out of my eyes. Then I look around the room, and see how dark it is. Something moves next to me, and reminds me that I’m not alone. I look over and see her— still asleep. I lay down next to her and kiss her forehead as I hold onto her for as long as I can.