Spring 2023 Poetry

Poetry (n) /poh-i-tree/

1. Literary work in which special intensity is given to the expression of feelings and ideas by the use of distinctive style and rhythm

00 Tuning into Our Bodies by Erika Anderson

01 Everything it Took to Become a Woman by Erika Anderson

02 Body and Brain by Bella Blue

03 love like a dream by Abisai Garcia

04 It is not a sign of weakness to fall by Reneé Marie

05 I Love You Young Man by Joe Blakely

06 Even at the End by Reneé Marie

07 Just Like That by Idalia Pagán

08 Reaction by Lauren Cervenak

09 To Die or Not to Die by Debasish Mishra

10 The Trampled Word by Debasish Mishra

11 A Jar Full of Fireflies by Debasish Mishra

12 Body and Brain by Bella Blue