Fall 2022 Prose Archive

Short Stories, Essays, Journals, Screenplays, et al

Prose (n) /prohz/

1. the ordinary form of spoken or written language, without metrical structure, as distinguished form poetry or verse

00 The Monster in My Closet by Katelyn Simpson *High School Prose Contest Winner*

01 Hoarding & Horrors  by Noelani Pardini  

02 Dreamers by Ethan Ramm 

03 2037 by Julie Bleth 

04 Apt. 13 by Ella Baggiolini & Lauren Dias 

05 Flight Deck by Britney Gutierrez Calderon

06 Haunted by Kaitlyn Meyer 

07 Maytime Migration by Cade Palmer 

08 Oh Child by Aurora Hallal 

09 Untitled Script by Alex Mintz

10 Overindulgence by Sarah Bunera  

11 Alcatraz by Benjamin Schlotman  

12 Inside Those Prison Walls by Aleshka McPretl 

13 Keeping Sweet by Alexis Weiss

14 Secrets of the Royal’s by Olga Klymenko  

15 Panic at Mallory Manor by Bella Dodds

16 The Benson’s by Ava Nielsen

17 The House by Sarah Pryor

18 Y2Scary by Danni Camden & Chloe Crowder-Rheault