Fall 2022 Poetry Archive

Fall 2022’s Poetry

Poetry (n) /poh-i-tree/

1. Literary work in which special intensity is given to the expression of feelings and ideas by the use of distinctive style and rhythm

00 She Was by Charlotte Burks *High School Poetry Contest Winner*

01 Halloween Poem by Maia Pagan  

02 Almond Croissant Elsy Gramajo 

03 Apple Crumble by Finn Ruegger

04 Broken-Hearted by Marianne Vernacchia

05 Arriving Home by Danielle Santiago 

06 Home With Grandma by Jasmine Le

07 Life in Motion by Marlene Edwards Morales

08 Growing Apart by Giana Usac

09 Fashionista Grandma by Ally Bold

10 Love Letters by Brinnley Freemantle

11 This is Not a Love Poem by Caliope Gallagher

12 A Thousand Thank Yous by Jewel Thomas

13 Alphabet For You by Laura Alvarez

14 Seeing A Self Portrait by Helena Harris

15 To Be An Ant by Jacqueline Valdepenas

16 I Wanted To Be Permanent by Erika Anderson

17 What If…? by Katrina Ecke

18 Midnight by Vivien Lim

19 Missing Home by Arielle Magana

20 All of the things…/ Todas las cosas by Abisai Garcia

21 Dear Paniagua by Carmen Hurtado Aragon

22 Unexpected by Lisa Hintz

23 Waiting by Kaith Monterroso

24 collateral damage by Yvette Koth