She Was by Charlotte Burks

Maybe a coffee shop, heat spilling onto your cheeks

Maybe a coffee shop, heat spilling onto your cheeks
As a name is called you hadn’t heard save for your dreams. 
Maybe a grocery store aisle, seemingly frozen in time 
As a face appears you hadn’t seen save for your memories.  

Maybe an unimportant date, and an irrelevant hour,
As I finally re-encounter 

You’ll sputter, I think, as you tried to find
The strength, the wherewithal to utter my name. 

But whether it be an explanation to the person beside youalert and long-eyed
Or a recollection, a reflection, a realization to yourself, 
How, I wonder, will I be (re)introduced? 

“It’s you.”

You, my first kiss, my first dance partner, my first… 
You, we laid on my bed, your long hair falling into my face, 
Our whiskey-colored eyes each intoxicating the other 
Not with lust, not with desire, with first love.

You, we stood in your room, our distance at once a duel and dance,
Dodging as you urged me to sway to the beat, 
Not to see me move, but to see me grow. 

You, we sat on beds, one soft, one hard, 
One always single, one once shared,
As we were connected for the last time
Only through internet and agony. 

You, the innocence that taught me love. 

You, the last to bear witness to that innocence. 

It’s me.” 

“This… She, was my destiny.”