Rocket Girl By Mike Van Horn

Rocket Girl

Part of a my sci fi novel My Spaceship Calls Out to Me. The main character is a singer, and I wrote verses for the songs she sings in the story. We’ve put several of these to music. Links in each title to the song in Soundcloud.

A tribute to Elton John’s “Rocket Man”

Hey, hi, watch me kiss the sky

As I long for Earth, watch me cry.

When I’m far from home,
when I’ve crossed all space

where I know no-one, no familiar face

I still think of you, waiting back at home

Are you wondering now, when I’ll ever come?

Yes, I dream of you. Will you wait for me?

As I yearn for you, do you think of me?

When I kiss the sky, it is such a high

but far from the love, I see in your eyes.

So, when I kiss the sky, and leap the moon

I wonder why. Yes I wonder why.

Will I see you soon?

I wonder why. I wonder why.

Stop smiling now. Don’t make me cry.

Can’t see the stars, looking through my tears.

The glory of the heavens, just a teary smear.

When I kiss the sky,

and leap far past the moon

I wonder why. With a tear in my eye,

will I see you soon?

Credits:  This music is all-Marin. Mike Van Horn in San Rafael wrote the lyrics; Troy Lush, the composer, is in Nicasio; Mari Mack, a blues singer in Mill Valley, does the vocals; and Christopher Krotky in Fairfax produced them.