Review of A Whole New World by Michaela Bishop

A new series has popped up in the book world. Liz Braswell has taken some of the old Disney stories and has put a twist onto the story. In this book, Braswell takes the story of Aladdin and changes it. Instead of Aladdin getting the genie after the Cave of Wonders, Jafar ends up with the lamp and he puts his plan for Agrabah into motion.

I am not going to go into great detail, however, this book takes the original tale and twists it around until it is a whole new story. In the beginning the story is almost word for word to Disney’s Aladdin but after the Cave of Wonders the story takes on a life of its own. This tale takes a very sinister turn and I was on the edge of my seat while reading this book. I could barely put the book down, I was so engaged in the story I didn’t even notice time slip by. Personally, I love books that grab you and won’t let go until the last word. I have always enjoyed these types of books and I was a bit skeptical about how this book would work but I was pleasantly surprised.

There are two other books that Braswell had redone, Sleeping Beauty (Once Upon a Dream) and Beauty and the Beast (A Tale as Old as Time). Another thing I like is that each book title is either a memorable line or song from the original story. I rate this book five out of five stars. I was sad once I had finished the book and in my eyes that is the mark of a truly wonderful book. Even at the end there was a line that surprised me and I loved that even at the end Braswell surprised me in the last few lines. I would recommend anyone this book, maybe not kids under twelve since there are some very dark elements that I was shocked and horrified (in a good way) about. Anyone who loves twists on fairy tales will love this book and this series.

I haven’t read Once Upon a Dream yet but I am looking forward to my next trip to the bookstore!