Rat Chase by Sophia Gonzalez


The early October rain brought the rodent.

Looking for shelter in my space, in my house.

With such disturbance, I left my peace of mind,

for I must prepare a plan until the rat is gone.

As I contemplate strategies, the rodent hides

deeper in my space until I learn I cannot run.


Anxiously, I approach the rat. I watch it run

across the stairs. I stare deep in the eyes of the rodent.

Frozen. I must face my fear, I cannot hide.

For the rat is in my space, in my house.

I will not rest until I solve my issue, until the rat is gone,

and then I will find peace, I will clear my mind.


With courage, I set a trap to get inside the rat’s mind.

A rope, and a cage, and bait so it will not run.

Walking away, I look distracted as if I am gone,

but I stay and I wait to see the sneaky rodent

lingering down the hall on the floors of my house

like a hawk. I watch my prey approach the bait and I hide.


Eager to be free, I won’t have to hide,

for the weight will be lifted from my heavy mind.

When the rat is trapped it will leave my space, my house.

And all my issues will vanish with no need to run.

For I will escape the troubling rodent,

and the negative thoughts will finally be gone.


But, as I blink for one second, the bait is gone.

The rat has vanished, survived the trap and now hides

with a ball of cheese. And I look for the sneaky rodent,

who outsmarted me, who won the chase, who got into my mind.

Shocked. When did the rat win? Where did the rodent run?

Now it lay deeper in my space, in my house.


Fearing my sanity, the rat now has control of my house

Obliterated by the rat as it is not yet gone

And it has taken over my mind and I cannot run.

A thought replaying in my head and I cannot hide,

from the fact that this rat is living in my mind.

And as I try to distract myself, all I see is the rodent.


But it is too soon to run, too soon to hide

because the rodent is still in my space, in my house

and my mind will not rest, until the creature is gone.