Prose Spring 2018

Spring 2018’s Short Stories, Essays, Screen Plays, Journals et al

Prose (n) /prohz/

1. the ordinary form of spoken or written language, without metrical structure, as distinguished form poetry or verse

01   Brooklyn Bridge to Verse by Adlae D’Orazio

02  Dreams From Which We Wouldn’t Wake by Jordan Shields

03   Dearest Natalya by Lily Dubuc

04   Path of Totality by Bonnie Carasso

05   Open Letter by Nikki Coates

06   Beauty: Signs and Symptoms by Celeste Wicks

07   Memoir of a South African Girl: A Silent Conversation with my Ma by Ntsieni Tshidi Mathalise

08   Boy by Robert Wight

09   Historical Fiction: Blood on the Plains by David Nguyen

10   So We Ran by Delainey Boyd