Spring 2019’s Poetry

Poetry (n) /poh-i-tree/

1. Literary work in which special intensity is given to the expression of feelings and ideas by the use of distinctive style and rhythm

01    Shadows Into Light by Rick Ramirez

02    You Are Ready Now by Abby Laporte

03    Pain to my Soul by Angeline Archibald

04    Tiger Lily by Monica Barry

05    Left On Read by Allie Daniels

06    Alone at the Long Wooden Table in the Dark Empty Room by Anonymous

07    Nature’s Gift by Alex Anderson

08    A Forgotten Thought by Christina Pathoumthong

09    Role Play by Bonnie Carasso

10    Loss by Deborah Aminifard

11    Sometimes I Wonder by Perla Limon

12    Be Present Forever by Abby Laporte

13    Pastoral Saunter by Paulina Sanchez Navarro Keller

14    Scrolling by Monica Barry

15    To Sisi, the Empress of Beauty by Christina Pathoumthong

16    681 Peach Street by Angeline Archibald

17    Compassion by Alex Turnage

18    Lovely Tree, Forlorn Tree by Trevor Blixt

19    Kind of Weird by Bonnie Carasso

20    Quiet by Perla Limon

21    Awaiting Eruption by Allie Daniels

22    My Own Deception by Alex Anderson

23    Haunted by Sol Carrasco

24    The Cure for Shame and Emptiness by Abby Laporte