Poetry Spring 2021 Archive

Poetry Spring 2021’s Archive

Poetry (n) /poh-i-tree/

1. Literary work in which special intensity is given to the expression of feelings and ideas by the use of distinctive style and rhythm

01   (Re)Turn by Allison Baldwin

02   Nature’s Paradise by Allison Baldwin

03   The Gatekeeper by Sasha Mishkin

04   Flat by Sasha Mishkin

05  Valencia  by Stephanie Huang

06  Beloved Domestic Longhair by Andrea Clark

07   For My Daughter by Shaleez Razavi

08   Othered by Shaleez Razavi

09   When to Sweep by Anna Armstrong

10   this magical black hole takes you far away from here by Trevor Blixt

11   Colorful Fish by Sophia Gonzalez

12   Rat Chase by Sophia Gonzalez

13   Around the House in Taos by Jean Hackett

14   Full Measure of a Woman by Jean Hackett

15   Number Three Tree by Melanie Gendron

16   Losing Control by Priya Ohara

17   What’s Growing Inside of You by Victoria Worch

18   I Get Distracted by Victoria Worch

19   Final Rendezvous by Ashlyn Allan

20   Song of the Steed by Rick Ramirez