Poetry Spring 2018

01   Dancing Feels Like This by Bri Wilson

02   By the Front Door by Katherine Crawford

03   Equality by Ryan Bergman

04   Leviathan by Jordan Shields

05   Joy by Bri Wilson

06   Tamalpais by Charselle Hooper

07   From the Ground Up by Katherine Crawford

08   Creativity by CJ Mathews

09   Vagabond by Lily Dubuc

10   Bridge by Bonnie Carasso

11   1950’s Heteronormative Construct by Michelle Sellers

12   A Prayer for Jamie Facetious by Adlae D’Orzario

13   Web of Glass by Bonnie Carasso

14   What Music is Left? by Katherine Crawford

15   Self as Peony by Charselle Hooper

16   I’m Sorry, I Cannot Remember This Poem by Adlae D’Orzario