Poetry Fall 2019 Archive

Fall 2019’s Poetry

Poetry (n) /poh-i-tree/

1. Literary work in which special intensity is given to the expression of feelings and ideas by the use of distinctive style and rhythm

01    The End by Lydia Orr

02    Grief and Belief by Monica Barry

03    Ominous by Sol Carrasco

04    Afghanistan by Sarah Lindquist

05    Untitled by Nyah Malone

06    Black Holes & Birthday Cakes by Bonnie Carasso

07    Grasping for Air by Perla Limon

08    To The Star Football Player, Love The Band Geek by Monica Barry

09    Birth by Priya Ohara

10    Stuck In The Canal by Pamela Love

11    Gladiator by Erika Johnson

12    Forgiveness by Mateen Hirbod

13    My New World by Lauren Persi

14   Little Girl First by Erin Howard

15    Renovation by Bonnie Carasso

16    Hex Motif by Bailey Storm

17    The Golden Divine by Monica Barry

18    The Silent Nymph by Perla Limon

19    A Myth by Erika Johnson