Nature’s Gift by Alex Anderson

When weeping willows are melancholic

Rain falls giving water to calm their roots

When winds wisp by cold and melodic

Willows dance hypnotized by the forest’s blues

Artists come to this ominous expanse

Humans that wish to learn from the willows

To dance to the rhythm of life’s romance

As if backed by a band of heavenly cellos

At daybreak, the artists received a gift

A rainstorm that vitalized the forest

All danced under the fog’s warm and sunny rift

As nature lifted their spite and unrest

The forest taught them that nothing is true

All life wears and walks in different shoes

Until the self is freed all the way through

One cannot truly walk in one’s own shoes

     Alex Anderson was born in August 1996 in Berkley California and has been a California resident his entire life. He began writing poetry in high school. Currently he is studying psychology at Dominican University of California and eventually wants to become a therapist.