Native Light by Bonnie Carasso

Everyone is cracked inside and bright

Each life is broken in a different way.

Embrace the dark, let out your native light.

Graven lines of courage are not quite

gouges of a soul in disarray,

Look, everyone is cracked inside the bright,

Like winter birches longing to hold tight

to tiny buds’ unfurling bloom as they

Embracing dark, burst again in light.

Earth’s magma rivers bubble, too, ready to ignite

molten floes of subterranean DNA,

Everywhere it’s cracked inside burns bright. 

Melting glaciers will not destroy the world, despite

broken ice and pacts by those who will betray,

Embracing darkness, they sell out our native light

But you are only vanquished in this proxy fight

if you fail to quash the fear that holds sway!

Everyone is cracked inside and bright.

Embrace the dark! Let out your native light!