My Own Deception by Alex Anderson

Confined to a livelihood mirroring that of the lonesome wolf

I sipped stream water tasting the content of my reflection

It tasted toxic, tainted by the years lost to depression

I fainted from loneliness, sickened by it, unlike the wolf 

I woke in a hollowed out clearing trying to slay my mind

I swung my sword at every memory like it were there

Drawing no blood from my demons, I fell, unable to care

Nonetheless, I stood, ready for another exhausting grind

The more I tried to fight, the more energy I lost within

I collapsed again this time embracing my calm and tired state

I closed my eyes tasting the sweet air unable to forge hate

Breath by breath I gleaned, amazed, I was not the source of my sin

I walked over to the riverbed and looked at my reflection

I glanced, laughed, and then walked away from my own deception