love like a dream by Abisai Garcia

the love we had 

was like a dream 

that ended too soon 

the love you gave me 

it made the whole world 


like a brand-new gemstone 

or crystal 

hell, now that I think about it 

you would probably be able 

to tell me just what kind it was 

that love made 

every green forest we ran through 

a little greener 

every blue sky we walked under 

a little brighter 

it turned 

every raindrop that fell on my windshield into a note from the symphony 

every sunset we saw from my bedroom window into a painting from another century 

every second we spent in that dream 

it made me forget 

every cut and scrape not yet healed 

every bruise still as dark as the empty night sky even every nightmare I had the days before 

but just like any dream

that ended too soon 

I was left alone 

to wake in my bed 

desperately clinging to every piece of your warmth as it slowly faded 

to see all that remained 

was a single tear 

against that cotton pillowcase