Love Letters by Brinnley Freemantle

Each “Eloise” is the start of a new letter from the inmate to her

Dear Eloise, 

I’m sorry 

Please, you have to know how sorry I am. 

I never meant for any of this to happen 

I miss you so much, 

You know how I get without you 

I’m hopeless 

They’ve sent me to Alcatraz 

Will you come visit? 

I’ll only be a ferry ride away 


You didn’t respond to my last letter 

I understand 

I wouldn’t want to talk to me either 

Do you miss me? 

I miss you. 

Visiting hours are next week 

They only have them 

Once a month 

I hope you come


My dearest, Eloise, 

You still haven’t responded. 

I’ve sent two letters 

You’re being quite rude 

I even apologized 

For something that wasn’t my fault

You did this to me. 

You put me in here. 

Visiting day is tomorrow 

It’s only right that you come 

Dear Eloise, 

Are you fucking kidding me? 

You missed visitation 

There isn’t one for another month

You’re the reason I’m in here 

This is all your fault 

If you fucking listened to me

And didn’t call the cops 

I wouldn’t be stuck here. 

The least you can do is reply.

Eloise, my love, 

They put me in solitary 

The wind carried a voice 

That sounded like yours 

It was laughing 

And it made me think 

You must be miserable huh?

When the only person in the world

That could ever love you is locked up 


You’re pathetic. 

Absolutely fucking pathetic.

You realize I’m the only person 

That would ever love you? 

You’re such a goddamn mess


I swear to God. 

If you come visit 

I might forgive you 

Even though you don’t deserve it. 


They won’t send my letters anymore 

Because you got a goddamn restraining order 

Well good luck finding someone 

That could ever love 


You’re so fucking pathetic 

Eloise closed the letter before she finished it. The bruises on her arms and wrists were still healing, and a twinge of pain shot through her wrist as she threw the letter on the fire. After all, love letters make great kindling.