LISTEN! by Pamela Love

You are too thin; eat your pasta; drink all your milk; have some more bread; don’ leave the table until you finish your dinner; you will get sick if you don’t eat enough! your sister finishes all her dinner; your brother eats all his pasta; mangia, ,mangia; egg yolks whipped with sugar; yuk; gain weight; eat; have more vegetables; eat all those peas; drink more milkshakes; don’t try and feed the dog your dinner; no hiding food under your napkin; no pushing food around on your plate; don’t hide dinner under the refrigerator; no going to the bathroom and throwing dinner out the window; got caught by grandpa;  listen to teacher; do your homework; pay attention in class; numbers don’t look right; polish your shoes; your blouse is wrinkled; need to hang up skirt; don’t wash dishes in cold water; need to make sure dishes are clean; perfect sister; always perfect; keeps room perfect; does dishes in hot water; food never sticks; need to have a dishwasher; clean up your room; make bed; no hiding  stuff under bed; fed your bird; be ready for school on time; save baby sitting money; don’t spend it all; need to have for vacation; don’t go barefoot outside; hurt your foot on the rocks or piece of glass; don’t slam that door young lady! keep your radio down; no dancing on the hardwood floors; be sue to feed the dog, your turn; turn out the lights, cost money if left on; listen to adults and learn!