Light In All Our Details by Lisa Haydon

Shall I sit
(And wait for you),
Always seeking,
Ever watchful,
Testing and measuring proof
Of that which is already inherently given?

Or shall I stand without assumptions,
With connection and inclusion already met?

At times I am in love.
It seems to be the natural state,
Depth of intimacy,
Desire always circulating,
Not needing to be contented.

Feeling the immense universe
As our own forms,
Being woven of its fabric.
Its movements are our movements.
Its Light in all our details.

Not seeing a convention
Of narrow paths,
Not assuming we know
What we are.

And we are Lightened
In our Ignorance,
Relieved of thought’s estimations.

We are not separate or fixed,
Except for the thinnest of bodily veils
And the attenuated mind.

The truth known in
The atom and its charge,
More space between,
Where Love Conceives the World.

Love is our Nature and requirement
Even as we bruise and diminish.
The bride upon the bed
Will one day wed the quietus of
All lover’s motions.

In all of this we are Love’s servants.

In this understanding
I learn to allow everything.
I learn to suffer beautifully,
I learn to embrace fully.

And as I embrace,
Wide and all rounded in the world,
I know how to yield.
I know how to worship.
I know how to love you.