Left on Read by Allie Daniels

whats up?

I can’t read your mind and if I could

I’m sure I would receive more migraines

than a normal person can handle.

You left me on read

rather than communicating to me.

You left me on read

leaving me room to think.

Did I do something wrong?

the feeling is suffocating

evidently constant.

always rushing downhill

just when we are at the top of the mountain

feeling euphoric, feeling like we are

on top of the world.

The feeling never stays.

It abandons just as quickly as it finds me.

So, what the fuck is up?

because I can’t read your mind

and I don’t want to.

I want you to tell me how you feel

so I wouldn’t have to think reading your mind

is the only damn way I will even get an inkling

of an understanding of how you feel.

We just keep moving in circles

hitting the same roadblock that

has nearly fully stopped us before,

kept us from moving forward

to our desired destination.

So again,

what the fuck is up?

and don’t leave me on read this time.