Kind of Weird by Bonnie Carasso

Stop acting so small. You are the universe in ecstatic motion.

~ Rumi


Yup. I’m that kind of weird sister

who dumps half-and-half

into her iced coffee just to watch

the stirring, twirling cauldron

of cosmic reality

called Entropy:


that roiling yin-and-yang

tempest, swirling with Dervishes

of bovine white

and bitter flourishes

of Turkish black,


until the rhythm, slowing,

calms the storm,

and my glass


and drips,

and contains

the soothing chaos

of its new steady state—


until, sweetened and sucked again

into a new dynamic system,

it joins another larger dance

inside of me

and larger still, beyond—


until I and we finally choose

to give up the lead

or at least the belief

we know the steps,

and surrender


to the beat, and trust

that there is a place

for all of us weirdos

in this timeless,

universal dance.