Identity Crisis by Lauren Cervenak

Defined by our borderlines

Massive countries received pens to draw lines 

Signaling which signs to obey by 

Only to redraw them for a second time 

Taking a bite out of the way we identify

Repatching, replacing, erasing our history’s eyes 

In exchange for lies 


Bloody, brutal guards carelessly imprison us with a rope that ties 

Our native tongues behind 

As we reset to a new religion 

So we won’t be killed off 






All while the dictator drinks from a golden glass of wine 

We resign

Giving back our heritage 

In exchange for another culture


We don’t know how to assimilate 

Our bodies ache 

Because the turmoil is too great 

If we stay and abide 

We would be forced into a lie,

So we fade away into another country


We’re already unidentified and plagued 

What’s the point of identity 

If the map creates constraint