Identity Crisis by Lauren Cervenak

Defined by our borderlines. 

Massive countries received pens to draw lines, 

signaling which signs to obey by, 

only to redraw them for a second time. 

Taking a bite out of the way we identify,

as lies cloud over our history’s eyes. 


Indoctrination pulls the rope that ties 

our native tongues behind, 

as we reset to a new religion, 

so we won’t be killed off 





While dictators count gold coins and sip wine,   

we are the ones that are forced to resign,

our heritage 

in exchange for another culture. 


We don’t know how to assimilate.  

To abide, 

is to live a lie.

So we fade away into another country.


We’re already unidentified and plagued.

What’s the point of identity, 

if the map creates constraint?