I Love You Young Man by Joe Blakely

I Love You Young Man

You are strong and powerful
You build yourself up
When no one does
Don’t stop for any reason

You are not perfect
But when did I expect that from
you You are who you are
And that’s more than enough

You will always want better for
yourself But still love yourself as is
You must be your biggest supporter

When the crowd second guessed you
You remember to never do that to
yourself Because
You are your first option

When things are not the way you want
them You still trust in yourself
You are all you got in the end

I Love You Young Man

You have a powerful potential
Do not let the views of others
Distract you from it

Your have a fearless spirit
Do not let the doubt of others
Scare you from it

You have a kind a heart
Do not let the hate of others
Irritate you from it
Keep being
ambitious Keep
being brave Keep
being caring Keep

I Love You Young Man