House of Bones by Stephanie Nunez


I placed my bets

in a game I eventually lost.

There’s a price for everything.

I paid my share,

then I noticed you wouldn’t.



So, naturally, I stepped in and paid yours.

I even went into debt. even

I never asked you to pay me back,

But then the debt took over me.



I cut my own costs so you could spend.

And you did.

you spent and you spent.

Never noticing how you drained me. 

I finally didn’t eat so you could.

And you did;

you ate and you ate.



Then, I was all skin and bones.

I was tired and weak.

your hand never reached towards me

for anything.



Still, it was always full.

Once, you unknowingly killed me;

I built you a house of bones.



I wanted you to see how beautiful it was.

I wanted you to appreciate.

I asked if you could help me.

you said you couldn’t keep doing this,


you left Me with my house of bones.