Flight Deck by Britney Gutierrez Calderon

A Sunday in August late afternoon, between the times ten am and two, two weeks before the start of school. Next to the Santa Clara Levi’s stadium–California’s Great America, an amusement park covered with people from all ages: infants, toddlers, children, teenagers, young adults, adults and older adults, infused with fair food, toys and teddy bears, a water park, water slides, games and arcades–but most importantly, the rides.

The weather was lucky. It was warm like Vegas in months of July and the sky was a perfect shining blue like the movies one sees in Hollywood. Wearing a matching outfit, pink shorts and a shirt but the taste of my outfit was the necklace he gave me. A small silver heart given on the day of celebrating twenty years of life. He was wearing a white men’s tank top and gray shorts like he always does with his size nine Nike shoes. 

As you walk to the entry gates, there are long lines of people who have been waiting for fun. From small to big, all waiting under the hot sun. We waited our turn then the line moved forward and we entered the gates of the adrenaline world. 

I had gone to spend time with him because I am scared of rides but I thought why spend all this money to simply walk at this park? “Which one should we go on first?” he asked? “I don’t know,” I replied. He didn’t seem satisfied, and I wasn’t either  after seeing his disappointed face. It gave me the bravery to suck off my fear and go on a ride with the love of my life. 

We walked to the ride, the flight deck. “It won’t be scary” he said. 

So I sucked up my fear and got on this ride with the love of my life.

Next to me was a lady, old  with gray hair. She seemed more brave than what I felt.  

I turned and looked at the other side and saw him and remembered how long I’ve been dreaming of this. To feel like the end of the world is coming but being with him and feeling like I could do anything. So I closed my eyes and he held my hand, and the ride began moving upward to the Hollywood skies. 

I open my eyes and I see how far we are up and it’s only seconds till we reach the top point and drop down low. My heart rate increased and the blood ran up my abdominal wall. Three,two,one…

The wind blows through my hair and blood rushes through my stomach, giving me this adrenaline rush. As we go I hear his laughter and see his face looking at mine, “Are you okay?” he asks, laughing at me but I enjoy the ride. Oh how good does this feel and it’s so much fun!

The ride comes to a stop and I look to my right. My love’s face is there laughing and filled with excitement–or terror?! “I got scared,” he tells me, and I laugh because I was the one who was scared, not him. 

We got off the ride and I am desperately looking for which one to go on next. 

I was addicted to this feeling and now I wanted more. But the best part was being able to experience this with him. Anyone who knows me, knows I don’t get on rides, but he activated a part of me that now I longed for.