Final Rendezvous by Ashlyn Allan

Meet me, my darling, when the water darkens hue
By the seaside, my darling, for a final rendezvous.
Don’t be late now, my darling; time is of the essence.
The sky’s enchanting afterglow—it’s pure evanescence.

Walk with me, my darling, slow, in this twilight.
Hold on to my hand, hold onto it tight.
Should we lose our grips, darling, should things go awry,
Let us meet where the water kisses the sky.

The hour is approaching, my darling—
I’ve been saving the last dance for you.
We will waltz life’s last stanza before bidding adieu.
Your shape illuminated by the glow of the light,
Will be all that it takes to feed my heart’s appetite.
And with your hands in mine, for the very last time,
I will give all of my love to you.