Fashionista Grandma by Ally Bold

Like every weekend with my grandma 

We were headed to the Roseville Galleria mall 

Her specialty was spoiling me 

Like she spoils the eyes of others, who delightfully gaze

Gleaming into her world as if a new sunrise 

Shines upon her, captivating her with grace and beauty 

At sitxy-eight, she advances down the runway 

Wherever she goes, poised and sophisticated 

Like a young model, subtly elegant 

She catwalks down the bare halls of the mall 

Wearing rosy apple lip gloss and diamond earrings

With her swooping, sweetheart neckline blouse 

As if she were the editor-in-chief of a fashion magazine

When in reality she the tigress 

Radiating confidence wherever she steps 

And I, the cub, learn from her confidence 

And I, look up at her brown bob wig 

Bouncing with her powerful steps 

Determined to have an excellent shopping spree 

When she complains of aching leg pain 

Where her hematoma spreads across her shin 

And she requests for a rest, like a lioness 

Deserving of her sleep, after protecting her cubs 

All night long, ready to pounce on obstacles 

My grandma’s weakness from her illness 

Did not make her weaker in the cub’s eyes 

The confidence she displays, in her clothes, in her walk, 

Hides her weaknesses, but it does not make her any less beautiful

And I loved and cherished her for that.