Family Fun, Food, and Shrieks of Excitement by Allie Daniels

 Now, I don’t know about you, but roller coasters and amusement parks have always been a very important aspect of my growing up. My family has always been a huge supporter of intense, tummy twisting roller coasters that make you regret your decision to ride just at the very beginning of the adventure. They are extremely dangerous and life threatening, but hey that is all apart of the thrill, am I right? I have been to many amusement parks throughout my life, ranging from great america, to Six Flags Magic Mountain and Discovery Kingdom, Disneyland, all the way to recent trips to amusement parks in different states over the summer. One amusement park that will forever be engrained into my memory is Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio. Why? Here is why: atmosphere, the wait times, the rollercoasters, and the food.

First and foremost, the atmosphere of the amusement park is extremely welcoming and friendly. I was personally a little worried of being a tourist at an amusement park in Ohio because I have never been to Ohio. Personally, I always have my doubts when going to a completely different place with an unfamiliarity to it, but this was very nice. It just felt like I was at any other amusement park back home, and a lot of families were there. The park blasted music through various speakers laid out throughout the entire park, and the roller coasters were not too far apart, so it was pretty easy to get to all of them.

The wait times were pretty long for some of the roller coasters, but the lines always moved pretty fast with how well the operators would operate multiple coasters at once so people would get loaded into the vehicles at a timely manner. It was nice because we did not have to wait in one spot for more than 5 minutes due to the constant movement of the line. So yes, lines were over 100 minutes long, but they moved pretty quickly.

Oh, now of course I have to review on the roller coasters themselves. Cedar Point is known for their group of crazy, intense roller coasters–coasters that are apparently a lot more intense than majority of the coasters in this country. My personal favorite is Top Thrill Dragster. It is a steel accelerator roller coaster designed similarly to one of a race track, except this coaster takes you 420 ft up in the air after accelerating to a speed of 120 mph in 3.8 seconds as soon as it begins. So, you’re launched as soon as the light turns green at such high speeds that it leaves you either horrified or amazed at the end of the ride. It leaves a lasting effect on you. By the end of the ride you’re left a frazzled mess with your heart thumping rapidly in your chest; you just want
to ride.

The food is pretty good. It just depends on the type of food you choose to eat. Honestly, this food is no different from food at different amusement parks. They offer bbq, burgers, corn dogs, popcorn, turkey legs, and a variety of other foods you can normally find anywhere, but it is good food. The burger I had was pretty delicious. This is by far the best place to have little family outings. Yes, the coasters may be too intense, and you may rethink riding majority of
them, but this amusement park offers entertainment, family rides, nice little restaurants where you can just sit, eat, and converse in—among many other options for families that just do not want to ride such scary roller coasters.