Exquisite Corpse by Tuxedo Editors

Directions: Write two lines of poetry (no rhyming) that carry an idea/ image across both lines.   Then hide the first line (make white) so only the second line is in view.  Pass the document to the next writer.   The next writer reads only the second line and adds two lines in an effort to continue the original poet’s ideas forward.   The writer then blanks out two lines so only the fourth is showing. Each new writer should only see a single line.


Theme: North Bay Fires


It was Mother nature, they said, her rain and her rotting tree roots conspiring

Downed power lines not the for real reason not us, but the fury of fire raging

All-consuming angry flames, feeding on the fear of families that are left behind,

Devastated and displaced, but not yet giving up hope for the loved ones who’ve yet to return

But there is always someone there to help, from firefighters to others who have lost before.

Fire does devastate but it also brings people together, to help each other out when they need it.

It does help people seek comfort, compassion, and love from those suffering similarly,

Bringing everyone together as one, hands clasped together, with fingers intertwined.

Thinking of the items we had to, by necessity, leave behind
Knowing that we’d find our way back home

Through all that is lost, hope remains

because through tragedy we discover just how much we have