Do’s and Don’ts by Minoo Parsa

Don’t laugh out loud in public, you draw attention and that’s not what a lady does; say hello to older people first, because this is how you pay them your respect; say your morning prayer first thing in the morning, right after you wake up; say your prayer at night, right before you go to bed; make sure you say your obligatory prayers every day; when there is a family gathering, don’t talk too much with your male cousins, and don’t act as if you are too comfortable with them; this is how to be the best host; this is how you serve tea; make sure to serve something sweet with tea, preferably small bakery; this is how you arrange fruit in fruit bowl; don’t wear tight pants; in fact, wear a skirt, because it may come along as if you are showing off the shape of your legs; this is how you prepare the morning tea, so please start making tea every morning, before you go to school; this is how you say hello in Baha’i gatherings; this is how you say hello everywhere else; this is how you respect your parents; don’t run around at people’s houses; act like a lady around other people; come straight home from school; be home before sunset, otherwise you know that your father stands outside and waits for you; when you learn to drive, you must not have any man in your car, unless it’s your father; don’t talk with the neighbor’s son; keep your body safe (from men); this is how you make Iranian food; your parents should approve your friends; in some occasions, your parents may pick your friends for you; don’t have a boyfriend, because it is shameful for our family; you must realize that you have a crown on your head that no other kid has in school, so don’t be ashamed if you are treated differently; be a good girl for your parents at all times, you have one job; when you are walking, keep your eyes down only on your way, because otherwise people assume that you are not a lady; this is how to sew; here is the instrument you are going to learn to play, because it is your mother’s favorite instrument; go and apologize to your mother, even though you are right; only read books from the Baha’i library in the house, because other books are not worth reading; your father better not see you reading a novel; we are going to the Baha’i feast, and it’s too bad that you have unfinished homework; this feast’s topic is about education anyways.