Disoriented by Ian Crosby



The earth holds me up

but the sky weighs me down.

I’m pushed to the left

and pulled to the right.

For each step forward

I take two steps back.

Take a step back

and turn around. Reorient. See that street up

ahead? Go forward


that way and take the first right.

Or was it a left?

I wish I’d never left

but I can’t come back

until I make things right.

Everything is up

-side down

and I can’t tell which way is forward.

If I can’t move forward

then all that’s left

is to walk down

the way I came. So just back


all right?

This can’t be right.

I’m still not going forward

and I’ve used up

all the energy I have left.

But I won’t back


Then for just a second I look down

at my feet and find them firmly planted right


where I started, looking forward

at the same door I could swear I left

through. Everything is messed up.

I’ve gone down the list and used up

all my options, and nothing has been right. The only way left

is forward