Criminal Minds Review by Allie Daniels

“The belief in a supernatural source of evil is not necessary. Men alone are quite capable of every wickedness.”

This famous quote–originally from Joseph Conrad–is included in my favorite show, Criminal Minds. The quote presents a cruel reality before us of how men themselves, and not just supernatural forces, are capable of performing the worst actions. And the show alone portrays that. Criminal Minds gives the audience the opportunities to understand these criminals, and delve deep into the psychopathic mind. Murder in the most heinous of ways, emotional attachment, suspense build ups, mini heart attack moments, overcoming of personal issues, character development, and more are all compiled into one TV show, one that is consistent in giving the audience a little bit of sweet, sour, and spicy–a variety of flavorful moments. The characters are incredibly talented and quite attractive.

Derek Morgan, a primary FBI agent of the show, is one heck of a beautifully, chiseled, young, chocolate skinned man with the talent of melting a girl in her spot with just the gaze of such alluring cocoa colored eyes. He pulls you in with his bright pearly whites, the crescents his eyes form when he smiles, the deep, velvety laced tone of voice he has when he speaks, leaving you entranced and mesmerized with his character. When he says ‘babygirl,” oooh you already know you’re screwed. Not only does he have an impressive physique, he also leaves an impression on you with how well he is able to embody the character he is meant to play. He’s fierce, intelligent on the streets and in the office, he’s serious about his job, he focuses on getting the work done, and protecting those he deeply cares for. Do not get in between this man, and his family and friends, or you will find a gun nuzzled against your head.

Another favorite character of mine is Spencer, the curly headed cutie, aka the genius of the show, and I mean this literally. He even acknowledges he’s a genius using these exact words, “Yes, I am a genius.” He is a socially awkward, yet lovable 36-year-old with 3 PhDs, an IQ of 187, an eidetic memory, and an ability to read 20,000 words per minute. See? I wasn’t kidding.

Penelope Garcia, oh the precious, bubbly, ball of fluff, sunshine, and everything beautiful in life, is the BAU’S (Behavior Analysis Unit) Tech Analyst and Media Liaison Officer with a heart of gold.

Now, all of the main characters in this show happen to be my favorite not just because of how well they are able to portray their characters, but also because they do it so well that attachment to these characters is inevitable, trust me.

Why do I recommend this show? The characters are likable, the show features a variety of special guests you will recognize, trust me. I won’t spoil it, but there will be a few celebrities you least expect to be in the show. Each episode gradually intensifies with every crime progressively getting worse; but don’t worry, you grow a thick skin and an steel tummy the more gore you are exposed to. There is a heightened emotional appeal that attaches you to the characters and the situations they are thrown into. It affects you just as much as the situation affects them. You will cry. Each episode is a different crime, some more monstrous and disturbing than others, and there are episodes that are connect in some way, even to previous episodes from other seasons. The show connects crimes of serial killers in the episodes with a few well known characters in real life, and you, as an audience member, will feel connected somewhat to the criminals, reaching an understanding of why they are the way they are.

Such an understanding is pertinent to the real world. The best part about this show is the fact that everything that happens is very realistic, and based off of events that can actually happen, making it more appealing and effective as a TV show in comparison to other shows that do not have that element, giving you a little scare as well. Of course, Criminal Minds has so much more to offer that I’d like to put into this review, but you just have to find out more for yourselves.