Bricks by Lawrence Yu

 Brick by brick,

you told me you would take my walls down, but what you didn’t know was that with every brick you took down I put two up.

And for every wall you thought you finally took down there was another one to break.

Glass shattered all over the ground from the bricks we threw at the mirrors that judged us.

Mirrors sadly reflect more than an image.

They reflect your thoughts and feelings.

They entrap you and tell you to keep on staring.

Stare into my unforgiving judgement.

Stare into the face that shows you your imperfections.

Stare into your past mistakes.

Stare into your unstable present.

Stare into a scary future.

Stare into what society thinks of you.

Stare at what society has done to you.

Stare at what society does to him.

Broken bones from the beating of life that they gave you for loving me.

Being with you was like being with a lost soul.

We both were searching for something that we would never find.

Tattered clothes and a pair of vans, a size too big for you.

you always said you would grow into them, but that never happened.

Just like your love never grew up for me.

Itchy, swollen eyes from all the tears I cried.

With every tear shed,

a memory of us I wanted to forget.

With every scream I cried to get your attention,

a piece of my soul lost to the universe.

Piece by piece I laid out my soul.

Until nothing remained.