Body and Brain by Bella Blue


Fill up your body and don’t eat too


Fill up your brain but not all the way. That’s not what a man wants

Work out till your bones show and be friendly and


For if you aren’t feminine why should you live?


I don’t care what you’re thinking inside

Find a man and the rest of your interests can hide


Now go to college and get a career

Don’t depend on a man, they don’t like that. But still give him all your attention if one




Do your best to give him your all, little one

Be the maid, accountant, and caregiver and catch yourself when you fall


Mother, who hurt you and made you feel this way? 

I followed all of your advice and now I feel I’ve made a mistake. 

I want to have more ambitions. A man who can keep up, not 

Leech onto me sadistically and watch me rot


I’m sorry mother; he only cared about your body and he envied your brain But I

will never act the same

Us women in the now we will move forward 

And our brains won’t be forgotten for we are


And we will change the way women are socialized; so

that we can have more complex and fulfilling lives