Blair by Paulina Sanchez Navarro Keller

I was born in Mexico, but I grew up speaking and reading in both English and Spanish. I started telling stories even before I learned how to spell correctly. As a teenager I discovered Fantasy books, and I fell in love. From then on all the stories I’ve dreamed off have had magic, fantastical animals or both.


The mountain air is full of freedom. Blair thanked the Five Stewards for pushing him out to find fulfillment. Suddenly, it had not been enough to help his mentor Kiera McEachern and his Queen raise their new families. Out of the seven people who flew out of the Theegal Valley on a dragon’s back seven years ago, he was the only one lacking a purpose.

Blair, who growing up never thought to be anything more than a tracker in his home valley, had missed having adventures. He’d been happy helping his mentor, who was now General McEachern, and his King and Queen quell rebellions. Now that all was stable, he’d felt out of place. Two desires had split his heart, the joy of the family he’d discovered in the Theegal Valley’s adventure and becoming his own self.

Leaving the two women who were his heroes had taken a dictate from the King. It was still hard telling the two women he held in the highest regard of his decision to leave. He’d walked into the throne room full of dread. Kiera, as usual, stood at attention right behind the Queen, who was sitting on the floor cooing at her darling baby.