Birth by Priya Ohara

Thirty-seven weeks today
It’s almost time to come out and play.
Counting contractions, “Make it STOP!”
So, I kicked and kicked, OOPS, what did I pop?
Mom grabbed the hospital bag; dad grabbed the car seat
“We’re having a baby, our life is complete!”
We arrived to a place, bright lights and sterile
I heard monitors beeping and a baby carol.
I’m the star of the show,
Everyon’es eyes on the ultrasound,
So I did a karate chop
and a little bouncin’ around.
Cold, clammy, tachycardia.
Why is everyone so nervous?
In come a team of nurses
“Now it’s time to take a look at you cervix”
Next they gave mom a special Pitocin potion,
And my body was overcome with a contant commotion.
Before I knew it, I was beginning my travel,
Through the birth canal, so careful, I’m fragile.
Push, push, bear down
“Honey I see her, she’s starting to crown”
I begin to see light at the end of the tunnel,
Thanks for pushing mom,
Hope it wasn’t to much trouble.
I felt my head bending, thanks to my fontanel,
My mom was screaming, and she is no Adele.
Moments later I entered the planet
Cold air hit me like a slab of granite
Tears began streaming down mom and dad’s face
Skin to skin contact, I felt love in their embrace
Dad, what the heck why did you snip,
My jump rope and replaced with a clip!
18 inches. 6 pounds, 5 ounces.
IT’S A GIRL! The doctor announces.
I love my new life, here on Earth,
This is the story of my birth.