Awaiting Eruption by Allie Daniels

we were a volcano awaiting eruption
like two convergent plate boundaries
causing a collision
or divergent plate boundaries
moving a part when things got rough.
there was no in between with us.
erupting volcanoes are hazardous
similar to our relationship.
we were hurting ourselves,
among other people.
we erupted, causing disruption.
volcanic ash distributed itself amongst seas
of people
who were breathing in our toxins.
particles traveled, floating through the sky
our eruption was unplanned, unexpected.
we were like active volcanoes most of the time.
we were rarely dormant,
and that was when I knew we wouldn’t last.
our relationship was a volcano,
conical mountains spewing lava and poisonous gases.
we were deadly and unhealthy.
we weren’t meant to be.