Alone at the Long Wooden Table in the Dark Empty Room by Anonymous

I’m sure that is how she is feeling. feels out of place holding its charred pages.
Sitting there at the smooth wooden table,
SheShe had an overwhelming feeling of guilt for holding it too close to the flames.
The pages not only charred, but rancid,
Rancid with the smell of the dumpster she threw it in.
She is sitting there choking on the smell,
Gasping for clean air.
She felt she had to make the sacrifice.
She was going numb with pain due to the memories that dictionary held.
Looking down she began to dwell on the past,
The days learning new words with her grandmother.
She felt as though life was a hoax,
Taking her grandmother away,
Leaving her alone in the world.
This worn out dictionary was all she had left,
She will never mistreat it again.