Aloha Jane by Dave Seter


Jane boards the train in Honolulu,

her only luggage a gym bag

full of fake beards and pink bikinis.

Swish swish swish went the wheels across the ocean.


Jack stood on the shore of San Francisco Bay,

a contrarian when it came to restaurant reviews

and weather forecasts.

He left his umbrella at home.

Wag wag wag went the weather forecaster’s finger.


Who doesn’t enjoy staring out a train window?

Who doesn’t enjoy ogling passing trains?

There’s a strangeness to the world doesn’t want explaining.

There’s a prayer in the ocean but it never learned to pray.


Jane daydreams through waves and gray whales.

Riding on the rails of coral reefs,

She’s coming to a land of drought and fire.

She dreams raindrops.


Jack’s boss said he’s really going places,

but Jack doesn’t believe him.

He’s still waiting for his ship to come in.


Jane smiles as if someone’s just told a joke.

The rain begins to fall.