A French Guess by Amanda Isaacs

A French Guess

Alas, the fish is in the baked croissant

The sauce is mixed with dandelions.

The turning is in a glaze.

Lastly, aline the filer in the

Champagne sauce, and see the flavors evasive.

She sings, a little sauté petite incline.

The robust eclair is the wine source.

What, suspends the journey is deliciously a rose.

The patterns of the flowers are in elusive wine rows.

One twing, to let vent the synagogue in repose.

Curb the salut in a grace toilette wave.

The define is magnificent, across the roses, a rose.

The dorm must file a sommelier.

Mysteriously the ombre in the dresser.

Fill the soggy tongs with quiet dormant ties.