681 Peach Street by Angeline Archibald

Entering 681 Peach Street was like entering a living nightmare.


Struck with the smell of filthiness seeping through the walls which were overpowered by the rotting chow mein in the trash from the previous nights.

Dirty diapers stacked from the baby which was the prime focus due to having a different mother.


Bud light cans scattered throughout as if years of parties have been thrown,

but the reality was all the cans were from the night before.

Only in one room was there wet laundry soaking into the wooden floor,

dirt piling atop of the trim bordering the grimy walls, and sheets which have never been washed that could cause terrible rashes if slept in.


Cries escaping from the neglected child.

Motherese was spoken to the baby by his mother as if the crying child was nowhere in sight.

Screams of anger coming from the father attempting to make the child fall silent.


Winding through the house and entering the backyard where two chairs had been set up as if an intervention was about to begin. The mother and baby were lurking around the corner while the screaming father pushes the crying child into one of the chairs.

Viole words escape the lips of the beyond angered father while the crying child falls silent due to fearfulness.


Wanting to go home but not allowed.

The child forced the listen to the abuse spewing out of the Fathers mouth in fear while the mother of the baby grins out of pleasure.


Finally allowed to leave, the child calls their mother in a panic begging to go home. To leave the hell hole and go back to the healthy, clean, and loving sanctuary which the child’s mother provides. The mother of the child soon arrives to rescue the child from the unknown ridicule. As the child was walking to the car, the mother was threatened by the screaming father that he was going to kill her if she took the child away.


As the child walks to the mother’s car, a sudden bolt of courage overcame the child to stand up for their mother knowing they would never see their father again. The child shouts at the father before entering the car which makes the father fall silent.


Seated in the car, looking out the windshield only to see the child’s father in the driveway as red as the devil and the mother of the baby peeping through the blinds with an expression of bliss on her face. As the mother of the child starts the car and begins to back out of the driveway, the child makes eye contact with her father for the last time. Taking in his features knowing deep down in her heart she would never see her father again.